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Chef Victoria

yellow Tofu Scramble in black cast iron pan

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble is the perfect high-protein vegan meal. I love eating this for breakfast. lunch, or dinner. It tastes great with any sauteed vegetables and can be served in many ways! I love to have it on toasted sourdough or in tacos! Seasoning with Black… Read More »Tofu Scramble

Brown and yellow peach cobbler in white casserole dish.

Vegan + GF Peach Cobbler

A delicious peach cobbler made with fresh peaches, and vegan and gluten-free ingredients. This is a super easy to make but impressive dessert. Perfect for parties and outdoor events. Ingredients and Benefits Peaches– Packed With Nutrients and Antioxidants, can aid digestion, can improve heart health.Coconut… Read More »Vegan + GF Peach Cobbler

Yellow smoothie with granola topping

Banana Pudding Smoothie

This Banana Smoothie tastes like banana pudding! It is vegan and gluten-free and made with plant-based milk, vanilla protein powder, granola, and of course bananas. The granola and vanilla protein powder help make this taste like one of my favorite desserts, banana pudding. Blend this… Read More »Banana Pudding Smoothie

Pasta salad with red grape tomatoes, yellow corn, black beans, and green kale

Creamy Cajun Pasta Salad

Another spin on pasta salad. It’s vegan and gluten-free plus packed with flavor and nutrients. The cashew sauce makes it creamy while the cajun spice brings a slight heat and cajun feel. It only takes about 30 minutes to make this crowd-pleasing pasta salad. Ingredients… Read More »Creamy Cajun Pasta Salad

Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes

These vegan sheet pan pancakes are just as good as traditional pancakes but easier to make! Skip the grease popping and pancake flipping and get the same moist and soft pancakes with the perfect crispy edges. These pancakes are also perfect for meal prep. I… Read More »Vegan Sheet Pan Pancakes

Yellow Vegan Frittata made from chickpeas with red grape tomatoes, green spinach, and red onion

Vegan Chickpea Frittata

This vegan chickpea frittata is a delicious breakfast or dinner that is loaded with veggies. Made with chickpea flour, nutritional yeast and plenty of spices, this dish doesn’t skimp on flavor.