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What our students say

Thank you Chef Victoria.  You are changing lives in a healthy and positive direction.  I appreciate you so much. 

~ Pam B.

I enjoyed trying new recipes I would never have thought about trying before. I also enjoyed the nutrition aspect because it was eye opening.

~ Sean M.

Learned that cooking vegan is not as hard as I thought and delicious

~ Amy L.

Loved learning healthy alternatives to ingredients.

~ Michelle K.

Chef Victoria was so friendly and outgoing. It changed my perception of plant-based food.

~ Sam C.

Learned about different ingredients that I have not previously used in my recipes.

~ Scott S.

I love how full circle the course is…you get the instruction on how to cook and the reason behind the choices.

~ Kate L.

Enjoyed the cooking but especially the nutritional sessions.

~Vanessa T.

Good recipes and step-by-step training.

~Lydia M.

I enjoy the group experience. I already try the recipes on the website but that is solitary, Cooking with others was a lot of fun!

~ Tracy J.

While i am not a vegetarina or vegan person, i enjoyed very much the plant-based recipies we prepared in the training course. In fact, I have made them again because we all in my family loved them.

~ Amelia L.

Chef Victoria is the best! My favorite recipes were the Sweet Potato Dal and Apple Crisp. I love food and my son is now even thinking about becoming vegan.

~ Ali G.

Loved learning new techniques and learning to cook different types of food than what I normally eat. Great class!!

~ John L.

Loved meeting new chefs over the 5-week course. They were all very personable and experienced. We learned so much!

~ Josie A.

This class has changed my way of thinking that I can only eat meat for protein and I would have not imagined pairing the different food types together. I was amazed at the flavors and satisfaction I received from plant-based meals.

~Monroe S.

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